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    Recurrent Neural Network with Parametric Biases

    Related article. J. Tani, M. Ito, Y. Sugita: "Self-organization of distributedly represented multiple behavior schemata in a mirror system: reviews of robot experiments using RNNPB", Neural Networks, Vol.17, pp.1273-1289, 2004.

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    Multiple Timescales Recurrent Neural Network

    Related article. Y. Yamashita and J. Tani: "Emergence of functional hierarchy in a multiple timescale neural network model: a humanoid robot experiment", PLoS Computational Biology, Vol.4, Issue.11, e1000220, 2008.

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  • Windows

    • 2D Target Generator

      2D target generator based on mouse trajectory data. Tested under Microsoft Windows 7

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    Action Datasets

    Compositionality Level 1 Action Dataset

  • Compositionality Level 2 Action Dataset