Welcome to
“Cognitive Neuro-Robotics Lab”

Prof. Jun Tani, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, KAIST (CV)

We focus on understanding brain-based mechanisms for cognition and action by conducting synthetic brain modeling studies with utilizing robotics experiment platforms. Our essential questions include how compositionality and systematicity in cognition and actions can be developed via consolidative and deep learning of behavioral experiences, how novel actions and thoughts can be generated with “free will”, how social cognition with reading others’ minds can be developed to support spontaneous generation of cooperative behaviors with others.

By investigating these questions seriously, our long-term research goal would be to “educate” robots with artificial brains to attain general intelligence in developmental manners by scaffolding with internally available cognitive resources and externally available social resources for several years. For this purpose, our research projects proceed naturally in multidisciplinary fashions with integrating different ideas from various research fields including neuroscience, neural network modeling, nonlinear dynamics and self-organization, cognitive science and artificial intelligence, robotics, neuropsychology, phenomenology and ethics.